Your web site defines your business. Sites.Health2Resources was developed to help organizations design a uniquely compelling site that  connects with customers, and then take control of content using  intuitive, easy-to-use update and editing capabilities.

Why Sites.Health2 Resources? We bring current health care knowledge and years of communications experience. The Health2 Resources team has what it takes to help your organization produce and direct your marketing and communications strategies and tactics to reach your organizational goals. We know how to guide you through web development of a site to maximize your business. Or help you get the attention you need for your special event or project.  We have a proven track record of client results.

Contact us today to find out what Sites.Health2Resources can do for your organization.

Decades of expertise and experience mean that we know

  •        How employers buy health care;
  •        How providers deliver health care;
  •        How benefit plans pay for health care;
  •        How technology and e-health transform health care;
  •        How policymakers impact health care; and,
  •        How to manage the ongoing relationships between all the players.

Knowledge and market savvy in the health care landscape differentiateHealth2 Resources from other public relations firms.  Sites.Health2Resources can establish your robust and effective online presence,  increase business opportunities and accelerate brand recognition.

.Masterful direction... Stellar performance... Client results



  • Intuitive editing interface just rollover
    and click
  • Image galleries with variety of visualization
  • Email marketing tools for targeted campaigns
  • Community tools like Forums and Blogs
  • Member areas with restricted access
  • Online forms feedback, subscription and
    other web forms